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  NameGFS-ZX7 Engine Welder
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Product description:

1.Most advanced inverter power supply technology and imported IGBT module are adopted. Inverter frequency up to 20KHz. Faster dynamic response speed, complete functions, excellent performances, supreme reliability, quality welding requirements can be satisfied. Reliable welding machines for customers;
2.High duty cycle, large welding power remaining, long time welding is available. Stable welding is available even when working cable extends to additional 100M;
3.Automatic voltage pulsation compensation capability. Strongly against electricity network pulsation. Stable and reliable welding current;
4.Thrust compensation capability, good arc stability, uniform melting pool, little welding spatter, and good weld surface. No adherence of welding electrodes no matter electric current large or small;
5.Downhand cellulose electrodes welding is available. Also applicable for various welding electrodes. Especially applicable for basic welding electrodes for welding of various low and medium carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, etc;
6.Welding machine of 500A and above can be used for air carbon arc gouging;
7.Extensively used in the welding and field operation of oil pipeline, chemical, car, shipbuilding, boiler, power station construction,nuclear nergy,spaceflight,military industry,industrial installation,bridge building industry,etc. ZX7400I is especially applicable for power station construction industry.


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